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Building better communities

  • 20c from every order goes to a nominated good cause
  • connects neighbours to build stronger communities
  • charities, schools and associations list for free

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Service Issue

The service is not live yet. We're expecting to go live in Australia in early 2020 in just two post code areas. We will publish a list of active post codes nearer to the time of launch and update it as we grow. Our focus initially is on recruiting people who want to earn money doing their neighbours' washing.
We're only asking washers to register at the moment - complete the partner form towards the top of this page. But if you'd like to register to know when you can use the service to get your laundry done by your neighbour, please send your name and post code in an email to use.airlaundr@gmail.com

Payment Issue

Airaundr will make payments on a weekly basis to limit the bank fees and make our administration easier. As we grow, we'll try and make payments more regularly.
Each order is based on a fixed price per standard basket - roughly one load for a 7kg machine. Ironing is included in a price that is yet to be confirmed but will probably be from $30 - $40. If it's two loads, it won't be double the price because you'll only pick up and deliver once. If you're asked to separate whites and darks, there will be a surcharge so you'll earn a bit more. Airlaundr will take a commission of between 10% and 15% to be confirmed.

Technical Issue

The app will be made available based on where you live. Once we have enough registered washers in a certain post code, we'll promote the download link. This is designed to ensure a positive user experience on Android and iOS.
If you are trying to register as a washer, send your details to wash.airlaundr@gmail.com. If you are trying to register as a charity, send your details to donate.airlaundr.com. If you are trying to register to have your washing done by a neighbour, send your details to use.airlaundr@gmail.com